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GoFree.com ~ Tutorials


 7-Zip Plugin Install
 7-Zip Creating Zip Files 
 How to Compress Files in the 7z Format
 How to Set 7-Zip as Your Default File Archiver
 How to Break Up Large Files
 How to Decompress a Split Archive


 Abiword The Basics 
 How to Save Your Documents 
 How to Insert an Image in Document
 How to Insert Footnotes & Endnotes
 How to Create a Table
 How to Use the Spell Checking
 How to Use Collaborative Tools
 How to Insert a Table of Contents to Your Document
 How to Use the Check Spelling Tool
 How to Check Spelling and Grammar While You Type
 How to Insert a Text Box
 Formatting Text Boxes
 How to Create a List


 How to configure Audacity 
 How to Record Sound
 How to Export a Project  
 How to Cut, Copy & Paste 
 Using the Noise Removal Tool

Digital DJ Pro

 First Run Setup 
 Mixing, the Basics 
 Using Headphones as Mixing Aid

DVD Styler

 How to Create a Background, Add Text and Buttons
 How to Add Videos 
 How to Add Subtitles and Burn Your DVD

Final Torrent

 How to set up FinalTorrent 
 How to Search and Download .torrent Files
 How to Download an Existing .torrent File
 How to Make FinalTorrent Your System's Default File-Sharing
 How to Change the Location of Your Downloaded Files Folder
 How To Manage Your Downloads
 How to Preview a File While Downloading
 Advanced Configuration


 Gimp Plugin Install
 Gimp GPS Install
 Gimp How to Change the BackgroundColor of Any Image
 Gimp Border Effect 
 How to Create your Own Abstract Wallpaper with GIMP
 Adjust Image Size in Gimp 
 How to Draw a Straight Line 
 How to Combine Several Images Into  a Single One
 How to Create a Cool Wave Effect
 How to Create a Luminous Circle Effect
 How to Add a Spotlight Effect
 How to Create a Text that Runs Along  a Path
 How to Remove Barrel Effect from YourPhotos
 How to Create a Cool Glow Effect
 Simple Color to Black & White  Conversion
 How to Draw Shapes Using the Selection  Tools and Stroking
 How to Create a Watermark Text
 How to Create a 3-D Text
 How to Create Transparent Background
 Creating a 3D Cube
 How to Create a Diamond Text


 How to Create a Data CD 
 How to Burn an Image
 How to Cr-eate a CD/DVD ISO Image
 Copy Tracks from your Audio CDs
 How to Erase an RW Disk


 Video Decoder Configurations
 Profile and Presets
 Subtitles Management
 Audio Decoder Configuration 1
 Audio Decoder Configuration 2

Libre Office

 Writer: Creating and Editing Documents
 Writer: Saving Text Documents
 Writer: Inserting Images in Documents
 Writer: Inserting Footnotes
 Writer: Inserting Tables 
 Writer: Using Spelling and GrammarChecker Tool

 Impress: Basic Functionality 
 Impress: Inserting Images
 Impress: Creating Bulleted/Numbered Text Slides
 Impress: Formatting Text
 Impress: Using a Master Page 
 Impress: How to Insert Images from the Gallery


Libre Office

 Draw: Basic Functionality 
 Draw: Changing Object Color
 Draw: Creating 3D Objects
 Draw: Arranging Objects 
 Draw: Special Effects
 Draw: Converting 2D Shapes into 3D Objects

 Base: Basic Functionality 
 Base: Creating Tables
 Base: Creating Records
 Base: Editing Field Properties
 Base: Creating Forms
 Base: Creating Queries

 Calc: Basic Functionality 
 Calc: Basic Cell Formatting 
 Calc: Basic Formulas
 Calc: Referencing Cell Values within Formulas
 Calc: Editing Formulas 
 Calc: Creating Charts

 Math: Basic Functionality 
 Math: Inserting Formulas in Writer
 Math: Inserting Formulas in Calc


Media Player Classic

 Basic Functionality
 How to Create a New Playlist
 How to Manage Your Playlists
 How to Open and Play a DVD
 How to Load Subtitles
 How to Manage Subtitles
 How to Capture Images from a Movie
 How to Capture Thumbnails from Movies


 How to Open and Playback Video Files 
 How to Change Movie Player Skin
 How to Create a New- Playlist
 How to Manage Your Playlists
 How to Open a Subtitle
 How to Manage Subtitles
 How to Keep Mplayer Codecs Updated
 How to Play a DVD
 DVD Management

Music Oasis

 How to Download a Song 
 How to Listen to Online Radios 
 How to Create a Playlist
 How to Install and Run Music Oasis for the First Time
 How to Transfer Downloaded Tracks to Your iDevice

Nuance PDF Reader

 How to Open & View a PDF Document
 How to Zoom & Rotate a PDF 
 How to Convert a PDF File into Editable an Format 
 How to Fill a PDF Form How to Fill a  PDF Form 
 How to Search Terms Using Keywords

TV Movies Toolbar

 How to Search and Play a Video 
 How to Add Apps to your Toolbar 
 How to Manage Your Toolbar Apps
 How to Change Your Toolbar Skin

Virtual Dub

 How to Compress an .AVI Video File 
 How to Crop a Video

VLC Media Player

 Video Streaming Tutorial 
 VLC Media Player Skins 
 VLC Remote Control for iPhone 
 Playing Youtube Videos Directly on VLC
 Frame Grabbing
 How to Make VLC Your Default Player
 How to Convert WMA Audio Files to MP4
 How to Load and Visualize Subtitles 
 How to Play ISO Files
 How to Save a Backup of Your DVDs
 Record Video Using VLC & Your Webcam
 How to Keep VLC Updated
 How to Record Live Feeds
 How to Set a Movie as Your Wallpaper
 How to Play a Podcast
 How to Save Equalizer Presets


 How to Configure WinSCP for First Run
 How to Transfer Files To and From Your Web Server
 How to Save a Session
 How to Change WinSCP Interface
 How to Keep Your Directories on Remote Computer Updated