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Basic Sound Edition, How to Cut, Copy & Paste

Audacity is a versatile and free digital audio edition toolbox that lets you record, edit and manipulate digital audio files in several formats. This great free audio editor not only allows you to create your own recordings from individual files by adding multiple effects, but also you can import audio files in WAV, AIFF, AU, MP3, etc. Audacity supports basic editing commands (cut, copy, paste, undo), which are really useful when it comes to mixing songs, so, that specifically what I'm going to tell you in this tutorial, how to do some basic sound edition by cutting, copying and pasting.

What you need to follow this tutorial is to have an audio project open in Audacity and as obvious as it may sound, Audacity installed and running. If you have doubts about the first visit our previous tutorial on how to record sound. But if you still don't have Audacity installed on your machine go to the big blue “Download” button above and let the InstallIQ™ installer take care of the installation process.

So, let's say you have recorded some audio/sound or you have imported it from some audio file and you want to make some edition. As an example, I recorded some audio and this gave me a two channel project. So the first thing to start editing is to select the selection tool by clicking on it in the toolbar, now you can select the segment you want to cut or copy. Press and hold your mouse on the beginning of you segment and without releasing, drag the cursor till the end and then release. The selected segment looks darker then the rest like in the next screen capture:

In order to check if you made the right selection now you can click on the “Play” button or hit the space bar and Audacity will playback only the selected segment. If you are not satisfied just click somewhere else to deselect and start the selection process again. You can do this as many times you need until you are satisfied.

If you want to expand or reduce the selected area, hold down the SHIFT button and click on the area you wish your selection to expand or reduce to.

To cut/copy this selected segment you have two ways either you go to Edit > Cut or Copy or you can do it using the keystrokes Ctrl + X for Cut or Ctrl + C to copy it.

And now your segment is on the clipboard and in the case you selected Cut is gone from the track.

So if you want to paste this segment somewhere else just click on the track and an indicator will be placed.

Now go to Edit > Paste or use the Ctrl + V key combination to paste it there.

You can listen to your creation now and in the case you do not like it just go to Edit > Undo or use the Ctrl + Z key stroke combination.

Once you are done you can save your project as we told you in this tutorial or you
export it in a more media player friendly format as you can learn in this other tutorial.

Final Words

Audacity is not only a versatile and fully functional free audio editor it is also extremely easy to use and understand. Download Audacity by clicking on the “Download Now” link below and start editing your audio files like a pro!


Audacity Specs:
» Version: 1.3.1
» Download Size: 10.9MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's, Linux/Unix,    Mac OS X and others

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