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DVDStyler Tutorial #3 – How to Add Subtitles and Burn Your DVD

As we all know, this amazing piece of freeware is really handy when it comes to creating custom DVDs with your own videos. DVDStyler offers the possibility to create great menus with buttons, text and even your own pictures in the background and much more. Today I'm going to tell you how to add subtitles to your videos and finally how to burn your compilation.

Now, what you need to be able to follow this tutorial is to have DVDStyler installed and running on your machine, so if you still do not have it, just go to the “Download button above these lines and download the InstallIQ installation manager. Once you have it in your folders (i.e. your downloads folder or your desktop) launch it and it will take care of the rest. Easy-peasy!

So, let's get our noses to the grindstone, in our two previous tutorials I've told you how to create a background, add text, buttons, videos and so on, now it's time for the subtitles and the final part of our DVD which is the burning itself.
Adding subtitles is really easy, just right-click on the title/video you would like to add the subtitles to and select Add → File...

In the explorer like window browse to the folder where subtitle files are allocated, select the ones your would like to add (yes you can add several files by pressing and holding the Ctrl key as you select) and click “Open”, to see the subtitles and do some management right click on the title and select “Properties...”

Here the subtitle options appear below the video and you can delete them by selecting them and clicking on the minus button, you can also change the language denomination (not the language of the subtitle itself, of course)and several other parameters like font, size, style, location (alignment and margin distances)and so on by clicking on the third button (tool).

OK, now to the final and most important part of the DVD creation process, the burning, to burn the DVD you've just created first you have to check that the content you compiled does not exceed the DVD's capacity so take a look at the bar at the bottom of the interface there you'll see how many minutes you've already occupied and how many are there left to be used.

If everything is OK you can proceed to DVD burning. You can either go to File → Burn DVD..., press F9 on your keyboard or simply click the burn button under the menu bar. The result is this dialog:

You can either burn it directly like the default configuration says or you can burn an ISO image or you can even preview the outcome. Simple and straight forward!
Make your selection and click Start, the process can take up to several hours depending on length, hardware configuration among other variables.

Final Words

With this third tutorial You've learned the basics to make astonishing custom DVDs to share your videos with all your family and friends in almost all DVD players. If you haven't yet, download DVDStyler for free and without registering anywhere by clicking on the “Download Now” link below.

And stay tuned because in upcoming tutorials we are going to go deeper into the features of this incredible free DVD authoring program.

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