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DVDStyler Tutorial #2 – How to Add Videos

What we have here is an incredibly handy free DVD authoring program that allows you to create amazing personalized DVD with your favorite videos. Besides, with DVDStyler you can playback the DVDs you create in almost any DVD player. Another interesting feature is its wide format support. In our previous tutorial I've told you how to add a background image, some text and some buttons, in today's tutorial I'm going to tell you how to add videos.

As you know, it is necessary to have DVDStyler installed to follow this tutorial. To get it go to the big blue “Download” button above and click on it, the InstallIQ manager will be downloaded, once you've got it, launch it and it will take care of the rest, easy, simple and quick!

OK, if you've followed our previous tutorial your DVD project look something like this:

This is just the menu, now we are going to add the video or videos that you want to include, to do so go to DVD → Add → File...

From the explorer like window browse to the folder where your video is located, select it and click Open.

Now the added video file appears as “Title 1” in the bottom panel next to the menu.

If you want to insert a thumbnail of the video in your menu you just have to drag it to the main panel and place it wherever you like it. You can also adjust its size by dragging its border just like you can do with texts, buttons and the background.

Now you can also double click on it and access its properties there you have quite a lot of parameters to adjust, you can freely play with them until you are satisfied. Here can also define a new picture by clicking on the “...” button next to the Image dialog.

In case of having several videos or titles you can assign different buttons to play each, so place as many buttons as titles and double click on them and in the properties dialog Action section select the title you want to play when this button is selected or pressed.

Final Words

As you can see, DVDStyler has a lot of options for you to customize your personal DVDs in the way you like, in upcoming tutorials I'm going to tell you how to add subtitles and finally burn your DVDs.

Do not hesitate and download DVDStyler right now, its free and no registration is required.

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» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

DVDStyler Tutorials

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