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DVDStyler Tutorial #1 – How to Create a Background, Add Text and Buttons

DVDStyler is a fabulous utility for the creation of DVDs with menu and chapter management. This free DVD authoring program helps you to create and burn DVDs from your video files in almost any format with astonishing menus that can be played on most DVD players. In this first tutorial I'm going to show you how to use simple and basic features to create a quick DVD.

As you can imagine you need to have DVDStyler installed and running to be able to follow this tutorial, so if you haven't yet, go to the “Download” button above and download the InstallIQ installation manager and once you have it launch it, it will take you through the rest of the process in an easy and quick way.

So, when you run DVDStyler for the first time it is ready for work, as it does not need of any initial setup or configuration other than selecting the interface language.

So, you'll find yourself with a blank and untitled project for you to start creating your own new DVD. As you can see in the next screen capture the first menu is called Menu 1 and the default Background images you can use are displayed in the left panel.

For this example I'm going to use one of them but there is a way to use your own images for the background, but that is beyond the scope of this basic tutorial. OK, to use one of those you just drag and drop them in the right panel.

Once you've dropped you can adjust the position by simply dragging it with your mouse pointer until it is in the desired place, you can also adjust size by right clicking on it, you'll get the next dialog box.

As you can see, there you can adjust a bunch of parameters, for its “Look” or appearance and for “Location and Size” for example entering 0 (zero) in the x and y boxes will place the image all to the left and upper sides. Like this:

You can also add a background by double clicking on it or by right clicking and selecting “Assing to background”.

Now that you've selected and placed the background you may want to enter some text for the DVD title, to do so right click on the background and go to Add → Text.

You'll get a dialog box where you can enter the text.

Once you're done click on OK, it should look like this:

You can do several things like move, re-size, change color and so on. To access this option right click on it and select Properties.

You can change colors, add outline, relocate and even change the text itself. Play a bit with it till you are satisfied.
Now to the buttons, on the left panel select buttons.

As you can see there is a bunch of them, scroll the bar down to see them all. To add one just drag and drop it to the right panel over the background you've already created.

Again you can access the configuration of each of them by right clicking on them.

In an upcoming tutorial I'm going to tell you how to add video files and link them to these buttons and much more, so stay tuned!!

Final Words

DVDStyler is a really easy, fast and most amazingly free DVD authoring toolset that brings all you need to achieve professional quality DVDs. Download DVDStyler now by clicking on the “Download Now” button below, it's free, easy and no registration is required!!

DVDStyler Background
DVDStyler Specs:
» Version:
» Download Size: 12.60MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

DVDStyler Tutorials

 How to Create a Background, Add
    Text and Buttons

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