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FinalTorrent Tutorial #6 – How To Manage Your Downloads

FinalTorrent is a great free BitTorrent client for the Windows-based PC, it is really easy to use and requires almost none configuration to start downloading right after installing, this makes of FinalTorrent the ideal file-sharing application for those users that are new to the .torrent download experience. Anyhow, FinalTorrent also offers advanced features for those more demanding users that need to customize their .torrent downloads. In this tutorial you'll learn how to manage your downloads.

First of all get your copy of FinalTorrent, if you click on the “Download” button above you'll get the InstallIQ that will help you with the setup process.

Now, assuming that you have already got FinalTorrent ready and have started a download, to access the downloads section you have to click on the “Downloads” button that you'll find under the menu bar.

As you can see here is a list of the downloads in progress and you can right-click on then to get a context menu with the management options:

The options are quite simple and basic, for example if you click the first one: “Open” you'll be show an explorer-like dialog where you can see the downloads folder and the files that have been downloaded so far.

“Start”, “Stop”, and “Pause” are basic quite self-explanatory, “Remove” removes the selected item from the list, and “Delete” also deletes downloaded items from the Downloads folder.

In the bottom panel you'll find the same options but in the shape of buttons. You have to select the download and click on any of them.

Final Words

.torrent management has no secrets as you can see, it is also easy and dead simple if you do it with FinalTorrent. Check this fabulous free file-sharing app right now by clicking on the link below. It is free and fully functional!!

FinalTorrent Specs:
» Version: 2010
» Download Size: 6.93MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Software requirements: Internet   Explorer, Firefox
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

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