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FinalTorrent Tutorial #3 – How to Download an Existing .torrent File

FinalTorrent is an extraordinary free torrent client which most outstanding characteristic is its simplicity, not only in terms of its interface but also regarding its general ease of use, making of this free torrent client and manager a suitable candidate for all kinds of users, because advanced user will also find a lot of customizable options in its preferences section as we reviewed in our first tutorial of this series. Today I'm going to share with you how to download a .torrent file you already got from the Internet.

As always, the only prerequisite to follow this tutorial is to have FinalTorrent installed and ready to run in your PC. If you don't, you can quickly get it by clicking the “Download” button above, yes the big blue one. Once you have the installer in your folder (e.g. desktop), launch it and the InstallIQ manager will take you through the setup process in a fast and easy way.

So let's say that you've been searching the web for a movie, song, book, piece of software or whatever it is and you ended downloading a .torrent file, so, in order to download such file you need a torrent client, well, the good news is that you have just installed the most simple and fast torrent client out there. Now, to download your file, the one you've been searching for, launch FinalTorrent and go to File → Add Torrent

You'll get a browser like window where you can locate the .torrent file you have already downloaded. Select it and click on “Open”.

Immediately after the download will be added in the download queue. You can access to see the status by clicking on the “Downloads” button

There is a second way to open and start to download a .torrent file, if you have set FianlTorrent as you system default torrent client you can browse to it using the Windows Explorer and right click on it. Form the popup menu select Open. FinalTorrent will open (if not previously opened) and the download will start immediately.

And if two were not enough there is a third way but this way does no depend on having downloaded the .torrent file in advance, you just browse the web and whenever a torrent download appears you click on it and in the download dialog you select to open with FinalTorrent.

Like it happened in the second way, FinalTorrent will automatically open and the download will start.

Final Words
FinalTorrent is versatile free torrent client that offers multiple options so you never loose your way when it comes to torrent downloads, no matters if it is a movie, a song, a software program or anything else, FinalTorrent will make it simple easy and fast for you. Do not hesitate and download FinalTorrent right now by clicking on the “Download Now” link below. Satisfaction guaranteed!

FinalTorrent Specs:
» Version: 2010
» Download Size: 6.93MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Software requirements: Internet   Explorer, Firefox
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

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