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FinalTorrent Tutorial #1 – How to Setup FinalTorrent for First Use

FinaTorrent is an easy-to-use free torrent client that will help you search and download all kind of stuff like movies, music and even software programs directly to your computer in a fast and simple way. This great free torrent client also integrates with your favorite web browser so all you have to do is click a .torrent link and your download will automatically. In this tutorial I'm going to show y ou how to configure FinalTorrent for its first use.

So, if you haven't FinaTorrent in your PC, you can easily download it by clicking on the “Download” button above. Once you have the installer launch it, the InstallIQ installation manager will guide you through the process.

Well, once FinalTorrent is installed you'll probably want to adjust some aspects like choosing the folder where your downloaded files will be stored and so on. To access the preferences area you have to go to View → Preferences.

The Preferences window will popup, here you can see four tabs: File locations, Connection, Bittorrent and Miscellaneous. On the first one you can see the default locations for the downloads, the active or partial, the completed, and .torrent files location.

You can change those locations by clicking on the “...” buttons next to each of them. A browser window will open and you can browse your folder to define that locations.

Once you are done click on the “OK” button and the change will be reflected in the File locations section. You can also uncheck the “Move completed downloads to:” option if you want to keep them in the first location. Most users may find default locations suitable.

The second tab, “Connection” contains three parameters to adjust, but I do not recommend changing them unless you really know what your are doing. Again, default values are fine for most users.

The “Bittorrent” tab is about connections again and queue settings. It determines how many connections for the uploads and downloads are you going to allow. I again find that these adjustments are fine left in their defaults but if you want for some reason you can change them.

The last tab “Miscellaneous” contains the possibility to make FinalTorrent your default torrent client. If you want so, make sure that the checkbox you can find there is checked. This will also allow you to open .torrent files from windows Explorer context menus.

When you are done, click OK and your changes will take effect.

Final Words

This amazing free torrent client is extremely simple and user friendly, as you can see there is almost no need to touch or adjust anything and it will start working from the very first launch even if you use it under its default settings. So, give FinalTorrent a try, download it right now, it is free and tested to be 100% virus and malware free. Click on the “Download Now” link below and atart downloading fast and easy!

FinalTorrent Specs:
» Version: 2010
» Download Size: 6.93MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Software requirements: Internet   Explorer, Firefox
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

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