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GIMP Tutorial #17 – How to Create a Watermark Text

What can I say to introduce such a great free image editor? Without a doubt I can state that GIMP is simply the best free image manipulation program you can find out there, I can also say that not only GIMP is free but also in terms of versatility, agility, quality of results, performance and stability, it is paired with or even above other commercial “big-name” applications of the image editor market. In this tutorial I'm going to tell you how to use this solid piece of freeware to create a watermark for your images.

To have GIMP installed is necessary to follow this tutorial, so for those who don't have it, just click on the “Download” button above. The InstallIQTM installation manager will take care of the setup process.

So, the first thing is to open an image or create one from scratch using GIMP, you know how to do that... if not visit our previous tutorials where we have profusely discussed that subject, throughout this tutorial I will use the a gradient image created using the Gradient Tool.

The next step is to create the text for the watermark. Select the Text Tool and adjust the parameters in the tool's preferences once you are done with the text it should appear like this over the image.

Now go to Filters → Map → Bump Map... and in the dialog that opens set the parameters like I did in the next screen capture.

Click OK and alternatively you can select the Rotate Tool and rotate the text if you want. I did and it looks like this:

Now go to the layers toolbox and select Overlay mode and reduce the Opacity till you are satisfied, for this example I reduced it to 60.

And the final result is this.

Now you can save a copy of your image with a watermark on it. Simple and easy, isn't it?

Final Words

Now you can show your images on the internet with nice watermark on then, GIMP helps you to make it easy and quick. Download this fabulous free image editor right now by clicking on the link below, satisfaction guaranteed!

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