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GIMP Tutorial #12 – How to Create a Text that Runs Along a Path

GIMP is an outstanding free image editor with a lot of features and tools that make of it the best option in the free image editors market but it is also a feasible option to commercial programs. GIMP offers a comprehensive set of tools, filters and effects enabling its users to perform from simple edition task to complex photo retouching with layer support at really low resources consumption. What I'm about to show you today is how to create a text that runs following the shapes of a path.

In order to be able to follow this tutorial all you need is to have GIMP installed on your PC, so, if you don't, click the “Download” button above to get your free fully functioning copy, the InstallIQTM installation manager will guide you through the rest of the setup process.

The first thing to do is to open a new image or a previously existing one and activate the path tool.

Now create the path you want the text to adjust to. To do so click on the starting point and then on the ending point, this will make a straight line between those two points. to give it a different shape click and drag any point of the line. You'll get a grip point for each end which you can drag for further editing. To view the path go to the Layer toolbox and in the Paths tab click the visibility icon.

Next select the Text tool and type the text at any place within the image.

Now go to the Tool options and click on the Text along path button, the text will have a reddish outline and it will be aligned to the previously created path. The text layer can be eliminated if you find it to be annoying.

The next step is to select Path to selection in the context menu you get by right clicking on the text path.

Click on the visibility icon on both path so that reddish border will disappear and you'll get a regular selection around the text.

Create a new layer and fill the selection with any color you like using the Bucket fill tool. Then go to the Selection menu and select “None”

Add some color to the background and a bit of Gaussian blur to the equation and you can get something like this:

Final Words

In an upcoming tutorial I will show you how to add those final touches that add so much to the final result, so stay tuned. Get your copy of GIMP and start creating text to path effects for your images in no time. Click the “Download Now” link below, its free and no registration is required. Just download and enjoy this magnificent free image editor!

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