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InfraRecorder Tutorial #2 – How to Burn an Image

InfraRecorder is a simple and versatile free CD/DVD burning program that brings a ton of features which are really helpful when it comes to recording CDs and DVDs, creating custom data, audio and mixed-mode projects, erasing rewritable discs, recording disc images, fixating discs and much more. This agile and easy-to-use open-source CD/DVD burning tool is capable of carrying out all the tasks but most importantly its features are presented in an easy and simple user interface. InfraRecorder's simplicity and fastness makes of this solid piece of freeware a must have for all kind of users specially beginners, nevertheless more advanced or demanding ones will find that under its hood it brings all the tools and possibilities of making fine adjustments that will satisfy all their needs, not to speak of its really light system footprint and drag and drop capabilities. So, InfraRecorder is without a doubt the best free alternative to commercial CD/DVD burning applications. In this second tutorial I'm going to tell you how to burn an image to a CD or DVD.

If don't have InfraRecorder installed in your Windows-based PC, it is highly recommended that you download and install your free copy before following this tutorial as it is the only prerequisite to do it. Do so by clicking on the the big, blue “Download Now” button above and follow the InstallIQTM installer instructions. You'll be ready to go in no time.

Now that you have InfraRecorder installed, go to your Windows Start menu → All Programs → InfraRecorder and launch InfraExpress, and from its options on the upper menu bar select “copy” and then select the first “Burn Image to Disc”

The “Open” dialog will appear. Here you can browse your folders to find the disc image you want to burn.

When done click the “Open” button. The “Burn” dialog will show up.

At this point you need to insert a blank disc into your CD/DVD drive. In this dialog you can make a few basic adjustments like “Write speed” (for this I recommend 4x if you are writing a bootable CD/DVD or sensitive data) “Write method” and a few more checkboxes which I recommend to check excepting Simulation which is not available in this case.

In the “Advanced” tab you'll find a few more adjustments but unless you know what you are doing I recommend to be left in their default settings.

The next step is to burn the image so, click on the “OK” button.

A progress window will appear indicating the how much of the process is done. And when the whole burning is done the CD/DVD will be ejected if the app was prompted to do so.

Final Words
Burning CD/DVD images using this great free CD/DVD burning tool is, extremely easy, neither complicated procedures, nor difficult to understand menus to browse or parameters to deal with. InfraRecorder helps you to accomplish all you burning tasks. You can download InfraRecorder right now by clicking on the “Download Now” link below and start burning all your CD/DVD images like a pro!!.


Infra Recorder Specs:
» Version: 4.1
» Download Size: 1.74MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

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