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InfraRecorder Tutorial #3 - How to Create a CD/DVD ISO Image

InfraRecorder is considered the best free CD/DVD burning and that is due to the fact that it is really simple and easy to use, and despite simplicity and ease of use this amazing piece of freeware is capable of carrying out a lot of tasks in the CD and DVD burning area. Remarkably it also offers support for dual-layer DVDs and InfraRecorder can save your audio tracks into the MP3 format. What I'm going to tell you about today is InfraRecorder's feature for creating an ISO disk image from a CD or DVD.

But first things come first. Have you InfraRecorder installed in your Windows machine? If the answer is no the go to the top of this page and click on the “Download” button. You'll get a free full functioning copy of this versatile free CD/DVD burning application. Just launch the installer once you have it in your folders and the InstallIQTM installation manager will take you through the setup process.

Let's say you now have InfraRecorder installed and ready to go the next thing you need to to do is to have get CD or DVD you want to make an ISO image from and insert it into your CD/DVD device. After that go to your Windows Start menu → All Programs → InfraRecorder and launch InfraExpress, and from its options on the upper menu bar click on “copy” and then select the second option: “Create Image from Disc”.

The “Copy to Disc Image” window will show up. The General tab has two boxes one for you to select the optical device to copy from and the other for you to determine location and name of the output ISO image.

So, unfold the first, select the CD or DVD device you'll read from and click the “...” button to browse your folder for the desired location and name for your ISO File to go.

As you can see default name is “Untitled.iso” and default location is “Documents” but those can easily be changed to fulfill your needs.
On the Read Tab you can select whether to ignore errors or not, if you want the program to read sub-channel data and the full TOC and you can also determine the read speed.

It's really up to you to modify these from its default values but it may come handy in some specific occasions and if you really know what you are doing.
When you are done just click “OK” and the image creation process itself will be started. A window showing the progress will be shown.

Of course you can stop it any time by clicking the “Cancel” button. Otherwise when it is finished the “OK” button will pass from gray to normal indicating the process finished successfully.

Final Words

All in all, InfraRecorder demonstrates once again what it is capable of, and now you know how to create a CD or DVD image in a simple and straightforward way by using this extraordinary free CD/DVD burning tool. Download InfraRecorder right now by clicking the “Download Now” link below and start creating ISO images from your treasured CDs and DVDs like a pro!


Infra Recorder Specs:
» Version: 4.1
» Download Size: 1.74MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

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