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InfraRecorder Tutorial #1 – How to Create a Data CD

InfraRecorder is an agile free CD/DVD burning application for Windows-based PC which offers a comprehensive list of really useful features, all grouped in an easy to understand user interface. This versatile open-source tool is capable of doing everything you need to record CDs and DVDs, from creating custom data, audio and mixed-mode projects to erasing rewritable discs, from recording disc images to fixating discs and a lot more. But without a doubt what's best about InfraRecorder is its simplicity, this solid piece of freeware is fast, has a really light system footprint and drag and drop capabilities. So, InfraRecorder is in every sense the best free alternative to commercial DVD burning programs. Today I'm going to take you through the process of creating a data CD.

For those of you who don't have InfraRecorder running in your computer, I highly recommend that you click on the “Download Now” button above (yes, the big, blue one) and follow the InstallIQTM installer procedure. I can definitely tell thatg it takes no time.

With InfraRecorder installed go to Start > All Programs > InfraRecorder and launch InfraExpress, and from its options select the first: “Create Data CD”.

Now the InfraRecorder main window will open.

From the upper left panel browse to the folder where the data (files and folders) you want to record in the CD are located and select them, now you have two options, either you click on the “Add” button or you drag and drop those files and folders to the lower right panel.

The result will be the same, they will appear in the Disc Layout double-panel below.

At this point you can add more files by repeating the previous step or you can also delete some of them from the project by selecting them and clicking on the minus button which can be found between upper and lower panels.

The next step is to burn the compilation, to do so you have two ways, either you go Actions > Burn Compilation > to Compact Disc or you can simply click on the “Burn” button on the toolbar. Of course, it is now when you have to insert a blank Cd into your CD device.

In the Burn Compilation window you can adjust a couple of settings, but leaving them on the default values is fine too, for advanced users who know what they are doing there is an advanced tab which will be discussed in more advanced tutorials.

So, click on the OK button and the burning process will start. And that's all!! Simple, easy and straightforward, couldn't ask for more.

If you selected Eject disc after writing, the CD will be off the device when finished.

Final Words

Burning CDs with InfraRecorder is, as you can see, dead easy, neither complicated procedures, nor difficult to understand menus to browse or parameters to deal with.
InfraRecorder makes it easy for you, download it right now by clicking on the “Download Now” link below and start burning data CD in no time.


Infra Recorder Specs:
» Version: 4.1
» Download Size: 1.74MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

Security Verified

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