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  • LibreOffice Calc Tutorial #3 – Formulas

    LibreOffice´s Calc is the outstanding spreadsheet application in this free and open source office suite that comes with all the tools and options to help you to create spreadsheets in a really professional yet intuitive and easy way. With its wizards, templates and collaborative capabilities Calc makes spreadsheet creation and handling accessible for any type of users. Today I'm going to share with you some further aspects of cell formatting.

    In order to be able to follow this tutorial properly, you need LibreOffice installed and running, so if you don´t, click on the “Download” link above and get the InstallIQTM installation manager for your 100% free and fully featured LibreOffice copy.

    In our previous tutorial when discussing cell formatting I told you that “entering the formula “=1200-1500” shows “-300.00””, well let me shed some light on it.

    What does the “=” sign mean at the beginning of a formula?
    The “=” sign indicates that the formula you are typing in is going to be calculated and therefore the result is going to be shown in that cell. Basically, cells that contain formulas are displayed in two ways: the formula and the value you obtain as a result. The formula itself is only shown when editing the cell (by clicking on it), otherwise the resulting value is shown.

    Note: If you enter the formula without the opening “=” whatever you type in will be treated as text, thus it will not be calculated and the result won't be shown.

    So let's see how it works. Open Calc and either open a previous spreadsheet document or create a new one (for instructions on that check our previous Calc tutorials). First of all click on the cell you want to place a formula and either type it right there or you can go to the formula box and type it there. Start your formula with a “=” sign if you are doing it directly in the cell or you can also click on the “=” sign next to the input line.

    Click elsewhere to see the result or just press Enter om your keyboard.

    If you click again on the cell you'll see the formula in the input line.

    And if you double click on the cell you can edit it right in the cell. You can also edit it by clicking on the input line.

    That's it!! can be made simpler or easier...

    Final Words

    In upcoming tutorials I'm going to tell you more about formulas and how to make cell reference in them. Calc is a great spreadsheet application of the LibreOffice suite and you can have it for free!! just click the link below and get your fully functioning latest version, no cost, no registration, no hassle!!

    LibreOffice Download Specs:
    » Version: 3.4.0 (Build:12)
    » Download Size: 168 MB
    » Tested Virus FREE
    » Software requirements: None
    » Operating System (OS): Windows XP,    Windows Vista, Windows Vista (64 bit),    Windows 7, Windows 7 (64 bit)

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