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  • LibreOffice Writer Tutorial #1 – Creating and Editing Documents

    The LibreOffice suite offers a word processing program besides being free (which is not a minor detail in nowadays economy), is really prepared to compete head to head with other commercial “big-name” pieces of software like MS Word or Wordperfect. This fully featured and solid free word processing application is also capable of delivering professional results at really small resources consumption. LibreOffice's Writer has all the tools to satisfy all your needs of creating, opening and editing document files ensuring that your computer will never get frozen or clogged, even performing complex tasks like inserting images, creating text columns, formatting text. So today I'm about to tell you about document creation and edition in its most basic aspects.

    Before you to start you need to have Writer installed and running in your PC, if you still haven't, click on the “Download” button on top of this page and once you have the installer (i.e. in your desktop) launch the InstallIQ™ Installer which will take care of the setup process.

    Now that Writer is up and ready let's plunge into how to create a new document, notice that a clear document is created and when you launch Writer and it is temporarily named Untitled1. For a new document go to File > New in the menu bar and it will be created and automatically named Untitled2 you can repeat this as many times as new documents you need.

    In this new document you can type text in and you can also apply different formats to it by using the tools you can see on the toolbars and in the menus: bold, italics, underlined, font color and different types of alignment as you can see in the next screen capture.

    Doing this is really simple and easy, first select the piece of text with your mouse or using the keyboard (Shift + left/right/up/down arrows) and then clicking on the icon of the tool you want to use for this example I used the Bold tool.

    And in the next screen capture you can is the result:

    The rest of the formatting tools present no further complications as a matter of fact they work in a very similar fashion, mostly two steps: select and apply. Easy and straightforward, couldn't ask for more!!

    Final Words

    Using LibreOffice's word processor app, Writer, is extremely simple and helps you with the edition of your texts regardless its complexity. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the many features this really amazing free word processor has to offer we are going to go deeper in its capabilities in upcoming tutorials, so, stay tuned!

    Download LibreOffice Writer right now and start impressing some style to your documents. Click the Download Now link below, and get your 100% free copy satisfaction guaranteed!!

    LibreOffice Download Specs:
    » Version: 3.4.0 (Build:12)
    » Download Size: 168 MB
    » Tested Virus FREE
    » Software requirements: None
    » Operating System (OS): Windows XP,    Windows Vista, Windows Vista (64 bit),    Windows 7, Windows 7 (64 bit)

    » Tags: libreoffice, powerpoint, excel,    spreadsheet editor, word processor,    office suite, download free office

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