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  • LibreOffice Impress Tutorial #3 – Creating Bulleted/Numbered Text Slides

    The LibreOffice suite is an extraordinary free office suite that offers, among other goodies, a remarkable free multimedia presentation program that enables you to create presentations and digital slideshows easily and with professional results. Impress comes with wizards and templates that help you to achieve your goals even if you are a novice user. It is important that you notice LibreOffice's Impress full compatibility with MS Powerpoint not only in the outcome format but also in its usage. This tutorial is to show you how to create a bulleted or numbered text slide.

    You'll need LibreOffice installed in your computer to follow this tutorial, so before you read any further, Click on the “Download” button above and get your free fully featured copy of this magnificent free office suite. The InstallIQTM manager will guide you though the setup steps.

    The first step is to launch Impress and create a new presentation or open one that you've previously saved (for instructions on how to do that, visit our previous tutorials) and create a text field by either clicking on the Text button or pressing F2 on your keyboard.

    Click and hold on the point you want the text field to be inserted to and drag the cursor to the opposite corner drawing a rectangle.

    The newly created field will look like this:

    Now start typing your title and press enter to jump below to the first item. Select the first item and click on the “Bullets on/off” button, and a bullet will appear at the beginning of the line.

    From now on every time you press enter a new bullet will appear.

    If you need to change from bullets to numbers select the line(s) and click on the “Bullets and Numbering” button, the corresponding dialog will appear.

    Not only you can switch from bullets to numbers but also select the style, position and customize them. There are interesting graphic options.

    In the case you need to change the hierarchy of a line you have to place the cursor at the beginning of the line and press Tab on your keyboard to move it one level lower or Shift+Tab to move it one level higher.

    If you want to deactivate bullets/numbers just select the line and click on the “Bullets on/off” button. This is useful to create a new title.

    Final Words

    Impress is a really handy tool to create the most astonishing presentations and slideshows for all kind of purposes. LibreOffice Impress is available for download by clicking on the link below. Remember that “Libre” is the Spanish for “Free”, LibreOffice is not only free but also tested to be virus and malware free.

    LibreOffice Download Specs:
    » Version: 3.4.0 (Build:12)
    » Download Size: 168 MB
    » Tested Virus FREE
    » Software requirements: None
    » Operating System (OS): Windows XP,    Windows Vista, Windows Vista (64 bit),    Windows 7, Windows 7 (64 bit)

    » Tags: libreoffice, powerpoint, excel,    spreadsheet editor, word processor,    office suite, download free office

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