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  • LibreOffice Writer Tutorial #4 - Inserting Footnotes

    Writer is the word processor component of the LibreOffice suite, this outstanding piece of freeware offers not only a great set of tools but also full compatibility with Microsoft Word, aso offering full support for all major document types, like WordPerfect, Rich Text Format, HTML,, and many more. Today I'm going to show you how to insert footnotes and endnotes.

    First of all, LibreOffice should be installed and running on your Windows-based machine, to do so click on the “Download” button on top of this page and get your 100% free full version of LibreOffice. The InstallIQTM installation manager will guide you through the setup process.

    What are footnotes and endnotes?
    Before going on I'd like to briefly introduce you to notes (footnotes and endnotes).
    Wikipedia says that: “A note is a string of text placed at the bottom of a page in a book or document or at the end of a text... ...A footnote is normally flagged by a superscripted number immediately following that portion of the text the note is in reference to.
    The first idea1 for the first footnote on the page, the second idea2 for the second footnote, and so on.
    Footnotes are notes at the foot of the page while endnotes are collected under a separate heading at the end of a chapter in a book or a document.”

    So, let´s see how we can do that with Writer.
    With document you want to insert notes to opened in Writer, place the cursor where you need the first flag, go to the Insert menu and select either Footnote/Endnote...

    The Insert Footnote/Endnote dialog will appear and here you can select the numbering (automatic or characters) here you can also use special characters by clicking on the “...” button, and the type (footnote or endnote)

    For this example I selected Automatic and Footnote. Click OK and the footnote box will be created at the end of the page or document offering the possibility to write or paste some text.

    And as you can see in the next screen capture the flag is conveniently placed where you selected.

    What really interesting about Writer footnotes/endnotes is that you can tweak them individually and change their style just by right-clicking on them.

    Anyway, default style is all right in case you do not want to mess up with tweaking and adjusting.
    If you hover the mouse on the flag you can see a preview of the footnote/endnote text.

    Final Words

    LibreOffice's Writer is such a solid yet agile word processor, as you can see it makes a tedious and annoying task like footnotes/endnotes insertion is into dead simple and extremely practical way to go. Download LibreOffice by clicking the link below these lines and start inserting notes to your documents quickly and in the most simple way, satisfaction guaranteed!!

    LibreOffice Download Specs:
    » Version: 3.4.0 (Build:12)
    » Download Size: 168 MB
    » Tested Virus FREE
    » Software requirements: None
    » Operating System (OS): Windows XP,    Windows Vista, Windows Vista (64 bit),    Windows 7, Windows 7 (64 bit)

    » Tags: libreoffice, powerpoint, excel,    spreadsheet editor, word processor,    office suite, download free office

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