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Media Player Classic - Home Cinema Tutorial #2 – How to Create a New Playlist.

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema is a powerful yet versatile free media player which is also one of the fastest in the multimedia players market. This fantastic free media player comes with its own pack of codecs allowing you to seamlessly playback a wide range of media file formats. What you are about to learn in this tutorial is how to create a new playlist with your video or audio files.

My advice is that you have Media Player Classic - Home Cinema installed to get the best out of this tutorial, so, if you don't, just click one the “Download” button on top of this page and you'll get the InstallIQTM manager that will take care of the setup process.

The first step is to make the playlist manager visible by going to The “View” menu and selecting “Playlist”, alternatively you can press “Ctrl+7” in your keyboard.

The playlist manager will appear in the main window and the last item you played will be included as the first playlist item.

So, to add new video/audio files to the playlist you just have to open Windows Explorer, browse to your movies/music folder and drag & drop the files to the playlist manager area.

Now, to play one of the items just double click on it and it'll start playing.

Final Words

As you can see creating a new playlist is as simple as drag&drop. In the next tutorial I'm going to tell you how to manage your playlists (save, load, etc), so, stay tuned!!
Get your fully-featured free version of Media Player Classic - Home Cinema now by clicking on the link below, it is not only free but also secure as we thoroughly scan all our downloads to be free of virus or any kind of malware.

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