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Media Player Classic - Home Cinema Tutorial #5 – How to Load Subtitles

Media Player Classic is a fantastic free movie player that offers great and fast performance at really low system resources consumption. This versatile free media player comes with support for a wide variety of video and audio file formats as well as subtitles, so in this tutorial you are about to learn how to load subtitles for your favorite movies.

As always I recommend that you have Media Player Classic ready to run prior to following this tutorial, so, we've placed a “Download” button on top of this page for your best convenience, by clicking on it you will get the InstallIQTM manager that will guide you through the setup process.

Let's say that you have a movie, its corresponding subtitle and that you have already opened the movie file with Media Player Classic, all you have to do to load and visualize the subtitles is to go to “File” → “Load Subtitle...”

An explorer-like window will popup where you can browse to the folder that contains the subtitle file and select it.

Click “Open” and the subtitle will appear. Of course you need to have a different subtitle file for each language.

For some video file formats like MKV you may find that subtitles are already included, so all you have to do is select the one you need by going to “Play” → “Subtitles” and selecting one from the available in the sub-menu.

In that way you can toggle between the different available subtitle languages as you wish without the need of loading new subtitle files.

Final Words

As you can see loading subtitles for your favorite movies is easy and simple with Media Player Classic. In upcoming tutorial you'll learn more about subtitle management for this great free movie player. If you want to give a try to this fabulous free media player just click on the link below, you'll never regret!!

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