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MPlayer Tutorial #3 – How to Create a New Playlist

MPlayer is an extraordinary free media player that allows you to play video and audio files in almost any format thanks to its extensive file type support. Another two outstanding features of this fantastic free media player are its ease of use and its modular interface. In this tutorial I'm going to tell you how to create a new playlist.

If you do not have MPlayer installed on your computer, now is a good moment to click on the “Download” button above and get the InstallIQTM manager that will take you through the setup process.

To create a new playlist with your favorite video audio files all you have to do is to launch MPlayer and click on the “PL” menu on the control module. This menu is located on the top left side of the module.

The MPlayer Playlist dialog will appear. So to add songs or movies to the playlist all you have to do is to open Windows Explorer and browse to the folder where the items you want to add to the playlist are located.

Then simple select and drag all those items and drop the into the Palylist dialog.

Once you've finished adding tracks or movies you'll see them in the playlist.
If you select one of these items you can make it go up or down in the list or yu can even remove them by clicking on the respective button on the left side of the interface.

Final Words

So now you can conveniently start creating your own playlist to enjoy your favorite tracks or movies without having to load them individually. In upcoming tutorials I'm going to tell you ore about managing Mplayer's playlists.
Give MPlayer a try by following the “Download Now” link below, just remember it's free and no registration is needed.

Mplayer Specs:
» Version: 1.0rc2
» Download Size: 4 .8MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

Security Verified

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