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Music Oasis Tutorial #3 – How to Create a Playlist

Music Oasis is a great free music player and library that will give you access to lots of DRM-free songs which you can not only listen to but also download to your computer to add to your personal music library, what's best, you can do both totally for free, legally and straight from your desktop without having to open your web browser and crawling through uncountable websites. Following our tutorial section, today, I'm going to tell you how to create a playlist with Music Oasis.

The only thing that is strictly necessary to follow this tutorial is to have Music Oasis installed in your computer, for those of you who don't, you can go to the big blue “Download” button on top of this page, get InstallIQ™ installation manager and launch it. The whole process takes a minute or two depending on your computer and Internet connection speed.

So, to create a playlist you have to go to a song form the main window by clicking on a Genre, once there you can select an Artist, an Album and finally a Song.

Once you arrived there the application should look like this:

Mouse-over (just pass the mouse pointer over the button do not click) the “Add to...” button and go to Playlists > New Playlist.

Now clicking on the New Playlist menu entrance will take you to this dialog where you can manage your playlists.

As you can see you can rename and delete the current playlist and you can also remove songs. To add new songs to the playlist you can repeat the steps from the beginning.
If you want to access your playlists you can go to the “My Songs” link in the low part of the left panel, go to Playlists > “Name of your Playlist”

You can also add songs into “My Songs” easily as if they were favorites without creating a playlist, again navigate to the song and mouse-over the “Add to...” button and go to the My Songs entry.

That's it, now when you click on the “My Songs” link you also get this list of favorite songs right away, they'll be arranged by genre, artist and album.

Final Words

Music Oasis is a great music app to have in your computer, not only to listen, but also download and and arrange the music you like in playlists. Download Music Oasis now and start enjoying your favorite songs, go to the “Download Now” link below and enhance you music experience!!

Music Oasis
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Music Oasis
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