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Music Oasis Tutorial #5 - How to Transfer Downloaded Tracks to Your iDevice

Music Oasis is a great free music player that offers a huge online music library from where you can download a lot of songs, for easier searching these songs are arranged by genre, artist and album. ]What's best about this free music player and online library is that all the music you have access to is free and DRM protection free, so you do not have to worry about legal issues any more. In today's tutorial I'm going to tell you how to transfer the tracks you downloaded using Music Oasis into your iDevices (iPod, iPhone or iPad)

To be able to follow this tutorial you need first to have Music Oasis running in your computer to do so click the “Download” button above. The InstallIQTM installer will take care of the rest.

The second thing you need is to have already downloaded a track using Music Oasis into your folders. If you don't know how to do that check our tutorial on that matter here:

Thirdly you need to have your iDevice handy and iTunes installed and running on your PC. So let's say that you downloaded a track to your “Music” folder, now you have to launch iTunes and go to File → Add File to Library...

The Add to Library dialog will open. This explorer-like browser will let you browse your folders till you find the audio file (track/song) you want to add to your iDevice, once you are done click Open.

The selected track will now appear in iTunes' library.

Now connect your iDevice and synchronize it, remember to add the new track to the list of tracks that are being synchronized to your iDevice. This will be automatically done if you choose to sync the entire library.

Final Words

Now you can carry all the songs you downloaded using Music Oasis everywhere, easy and straightforward, couldn't ask for more!
Download this fantastic media player and enjoy all the music its online library has to offer, just click on the “Download Now” link below, no cost no registration, no hassle!!

Music Oasis
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Music Oasis
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