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Nuance PDF Reader Tutorial #4 – How to Fill a PDF Form

Nuance PDF Reader is an astonishing free PDF reader that offers all you need to open, view and convert PDF files and documents. Among many other useful features Nuance also offers the possibility to fill PDF forms and that is exactly what I'm going to tell you about in this tutorial.

Like in previous tutorials, all you need to get started is to have this great free PDF reader installed and running in your computer. So, if you haven't, just go to the “Download” button above and click on it. The InstanllIQ manager will take care of the installation process, that's to say, in a couple of minute Nuance will be ready to use.

Well, now that you have Nuance PDF Reader, you have to open the PDF form you want to fill, to do so go to File → Open and browse your HDD for it.

Adjust the zoom for better visualization, you can learn how by checking our previous tutorial on how to open and view PDFs. Scroll down till you find the first field and click on it to start entering the required information, a cursor will appear in place.

If you have difficulties finding the fields, Nuance offers an interesting feature that is really useful in these cases, you can highlight all the fields, go to Forms → Highlight Form Fields and see what happens.

If you need it, there is also a tool you can use to clear all fields and start again. Go to Forms → Reset Form Fields.

Once you are done with the filling you can print the document with all the fields completed. Go to File → Print... and in the dialog that opens you can select the printer, page size, orientation and much more.

Final Words

Nuance PDF Reader is undoubtedly a solid yet versatile free PDF reader with a lot of features that will help you in your daily tasks. Download the most recent and full version by clicking the “Download Now” link below, it's free and no registration process is needed, besides all our software downloads are thoroughly tested to be virus and malware free.

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