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VLC Tutorial – How to Trans-code video/audio using VLC

I guess that by now most of you know VLC Player well, but for those who have never hear of it I can tell you that this free and solid multimedia player has a so many useful features to offer that it is almost embarrassing it is for free. Just to mention one of its strengths, VLC comes equipped with a full library of codecs so that you don't have to install anything else to play every multimedia file type you can think of. VLC Player is not only extremely easy to learn and use but it also brings a lot of advanced user-orientated capabilities, making of it a really versatile piece of freeware that satisfies both novel and power users. So, today I'm going to tell you about one of these power features that advanced users are eager of, which is the audio and video transcoding.

OK, now you must be wondering what is transcoding useful for, well let's say that you have a video or audio file in your computer and you want to transfer and play it back in other device (e.g. iPod/iPhone) and such device doesn't support the same codecs, so you have to “adjust” it to be suitable for it.

Let's get our noses to the grindstone, assuming you have already downloaded and installed VLC Player to your computer (if not, do so by clicking on the big “Download” button on top of this page), all you have to do is to get started is to go to the Media menu, unfold it and select Convert/Save.

This will open the “Open Media” window which will allow you to select the media file you want to transcode, just click on the Add button.

In this window you can select the video or audio file you want from within your folders. You can select not only one but several files to do it in batch way.

Once you have selected the file or group of files you want to transcode unfold the Convert/Save button at the bottom of the window and select “Convert” as shown in the next screen capture.

Now comes the most complicated part of the procedure, as you can see in the next screen capture, you have to select the different parameters that will affect the transcoding process and thus the final outcome.

For this part you'll have have a clear idea of which is the outcome format you are looking for, just as an example I will show you how to transcode a .WMV file into .MP4 Which is the standard for iPhone/iPad, but have in mind that this adjustments may vary from device to device so take your time to find out which is the one you specifically need.
The first thing will be to select the destination file and where it will be placed. Click on the Browse button and select the destination folder and type in the name of the output file including the extension (container).

If you really know what you are doing then you can make more adjustments by clicking on the tool-set button you can find on the right side of the Profile selection menu in the Settings section. Clicking on it will show you the following tabbed window where you can make different combinations for the profile other than the ones you can find in the menu by default . Anyway, these default profiles are more than sufficient for most part of the most popular formats, so I'm not going to spread to these adjustments in this tutorial, just let you know where to find it.

So, let's say you have already selected the source file, the destination and the profile, all you have to do now is to click on the “Start” button and wait for the VLC to process the data, this can take some time depending on the length and quality of the source file.
And voilà!! your media files have been transcoded and ready to be played on your other devices.

All in all, transcoding audio and video files with VLC is a simple task. Of course there is much more to explore because you can adjust many thing through this process like including different subtitles and changing the size of the image just to mention a few and I will be telling you about them in future tutorials so stay tuned. Download VLC now and start transcoding your files so that you can carry them with you in your portables no matter the codecs they use!

VLC Media Player Specs:
» Version: 1.0.5
» Download Size: 17.6MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

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