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VLC Tutorial #1 - on Video Streaming

VLC is an incredible free multimedia player which apart from being extremely lightweight, has a lot of great features and among its basic functionality it is the ability of playing back almost any media file you may come across, furthermore, one of the advanced features is the capability of performing multimedia streaming, in this section I'm going to tell you how to make the most of it. From streaming media files allocated in your PC into another device connected to your network to how to control VLC in a remote way by using a web browser. Following these tutorial you should be able to for example stream multimedia from your one Desktop PC to a mobile computer connected to a TV.

The first thing you need to get started is, as obvious as it may sound, to have VLC installed and running (to download it now visit GoFree). Once you are done with that, you'll find yourself with an extremely simple interface.

Ok, now click on the menu ''Media'' select ''Advanced Open File...'' to open the ''Open Media" window then click on ''Add...'' in the ''File'' tab and a ''Select one or multiple files'' windows will appear. as in a standard Windows explorer selection window you can select the file or files you want to play. Then click ''Open''. In case you want to build a playlist select multiple files as you can see in the next screenshot.

Your selection will be shown in the text box next to the ''Add'' button. Unfold the ''Play'' and select ''Stream''.

The ''Stream Output'' will appear, there you will check the box next to ''Display Locally'' under 'Destinations''.

Unfold and select UDP, click on Add and enter the IP address of the computer you want to stream the file to and then click on the ''Stream'' button bellow
The media file will begin playing on the PC, and finally, before switching to your second computer, you have to to turn on VLC's web interface by clicking View > Add Interface > Web Interface.

Now run VLC opn your second computer, click on ''Media > Open Network Stream''. Check UDP is correctly selected so you just have to click the ''OK'' button and this incredible piece of freeware will start playing your stream. Voila!!

Simpple, easy and straight forward, couldn’t ask for more.

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