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Asteroids Game Requirements:
Windows 7/Vista/XP, 7.56 MB Download Size, DirectX 7.0 Required
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Asteroids Arcade Game Features:

  • Travel back in time to the arcade with the original look and feel from the Classic Atari arcade game cabinet
  • New Simple and easy keyboard controls of your spaceship
  • Multiple levels of difficulty just like in the classic arcade game
  • Challenging and addictive game play you remember from playing Asteroids
  • Download to play offline with easy installation and light system footprint
  • Great Classic Arcade Game Action suitable for all ages
  • 100% Free full version download, no registration

Play Asteroids Free Arcade Game Download

Are you ready for some arcade game nostalgia? Here´s one of Atari's classic arcade games from the Golden Age of The Arcade Game: Asteroids. This casual game was, back in the days, one of the most widely popular as it influenced most of the arcade games of its age. Atari Released Asteroids in late 1979 and 70,000 arcade cabinets were sold. This great arcade game will transport you not only to the outer space for frantic asteroid blasting action but also to a time were video games came in a cabinet.

In this classic arcade game you'll be controlling a small spaceship and shooting photon torpedoes to destroy moving asteroids. The asteroids come from everywhere and if they collide with your ship, it is game over. When you hit large asteroids, which is easy to do as they move slow, they split into two smaller asteroids. These smaller asteroids move faster but if you manage to shoot them, you will receive a higher score as they are worth more points. There are also flying saucers that will pass and fire at your spaceship.

This free arcade game comes with updated controls from the classic arcade joystick. To control your ship in this fantastic arcade game, you'll use the keyboard, right and left arrows make the spaceship turn left or right, the up arrow is for thrusting and the down arrow takes you into hyperspace which can be a life saver. But be careful as they can also destroy your ship during re-materialization. You shoot the photon torpedoes using the keyboard space bar.

Game Features when you Play this Arcade Classic Game:

Play Asteroids in its Atari Original Arcade Cabinet Look and Feel

Asteroids is a not just a remake of the original arcade game, this is a faithful adaptation port-over for PC. All the original elements have been preserved in this arcade game, from the graphics to the physics, as well as the music and sound effects. Play this classic arcade game in its best version for the Windows-based PC.

Learn to Play Asteroids fast with its Easy and Simple Controls

Controlling your spaceship of this classic arcade game is not difficult at all, only a few keyboard buttons are necessary. The ship you will control in this arcade game is extremely simple and easy to maneuver, even kids can do it. Truly, it is not rocket science (though it should be...) but as you'll learn bellow, difficulties come from another source.

With higher Asteroids Levels Comes Higher Difficulty

The initial levels imply only a few asteroids to destroy but the number grows the more you play this fantastic arcade game. This game is easy to pick up but hard to master with increased game play. As we said, controls are dead simple, the difficulty comes from the number of asteroids you'll have to shoot in higher levels. Besides, you´ll also have to fight flying saucers and avoid their fire.

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Asteroids ScreenShots:

Asteroids Game Play

Strategies To Play Classic Arcade Game:

  • Always keep an eye on the flying saucers--they have an extraordinarily precise aim. However, these flying saucers have a weakness: they only fly in a straight line.

  • When you shoot and hit asteroids that come directly to your ship, the remaining smaller asteroids usually take a different trajectory. Try and hit these smaller fragments as they result in a higher score.

  • Be careful with smaller asteroids as they travel faster. Although they are smaller, they can still destroy your space ship!

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