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Big City Adventure: New York City

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Big City Adventure Game Requirements:
Windows 7/Vista/XP, 29.57 MB Do
wnload Size, DirectX 3.0 Required
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Big City Adventure Search & Find Game Features:

  • Big City Adventure takes you to “the city that never sleeps” in this free hidden object game download
  • Visit and search in different locations across New York City including Times Square, Little
  • Italy, Wall Street, Central Park and China Town
  • Learn a lot of incredible details about the history of New York City
  • Lots of mini-games to play in this search and find free game, play Puzzles, Mahjong and Match 3
  • Take a tour to the Big Apple without moving an inch away from your computer
  • Visit over 50 incredibly designed hidden object scenes.
  • 100% Free Search and Find Game Download - Own the game and play offline

Download Casual Hidden Objects Game for Free

Big City Adventure: New York City is the third installment of the Big City Adventure series. If you have already been to San Francisco and Sydney you'll really enjoy this free search and find game. But if this is your first Big City Adventure game, you´ll find that this hidden object game for free comes packed with a lot of hidden object scenes and great mini games and puzzles between them. The colorful graphics and the great music of this free search and find game will keep you engaged and playing for hours.

You can also play this search and find game in your free time, each round only takes a few minutes to complete. You also have the possibility to pause the game without losing all your progress and resume from where you left off. The gameplay is really simple: in each round you are presented with a scene where a series of objects have been carefully hidden and you have to search and find the objects by clicking on them.

In each scenario you´ll also have “hint coins” you can use to highlight the area where an object is located that you are having difficulties finding. But you´ll very rarely find yourself in the need of using them. All it takes to have a great time playing this free hidden object game is patience and a fairly sharp view. The scenes you´ll be visiting in this hidden object game download include Chinatown, Wall Street, Times Square, Harlem, Little Italy and many more.

What´s really fantastic about Big City Adventure: New York City is that after you have passed each hidden object scene, you have the possibility to play an exciting puzzle. The puzzle difficulty will grow with each round you beat making it fun and challenging at the same time. Additionally beating these puzzles gives you more skip coins you can use further in the game when you are stuck at a section and cannot move to the next.

At the end of each stage there is a bonus you can get, but from time to time you may want to move fast to the next puzzle or scene. For that occasions this hidden object game offer a “Quick Continue” option that allows you to get on with the game.

So, let´s visit New York City in this hidden object game download. Immerse yourself in the fascinating spirit of the Big Apple and search for thousands of hidden objects in these great scenarios of the biggest cities of the United States. This game is perfect for all ages: kids to adults. Download this search & find game online now, its 100% FREE and you don’t have to register anywhere.

Hidden Objects Free Casual Game Features:

Visit “the city that never sleeps” in Big City Adventure: New York City

Take the hidden object tour to the Big Apple and learn more than 90 unbelievable and intriguing stories about New York City. Challenge you search and find skills in over 60 great scenarios. Play mini-games and puzzles at the end of each round. Collect huge bonuses and useful hint coins.

Go sight seeing New York City in this Fabulous Search and Find Free Game

Times Square, Little Italy, Wall Street, Central Park, China Town and many other locations to discover and interact with in this free hidden objects game. Enjoy this search and find game themed around the great New York City with all of the familiar sights and sounds! Take your time to appreciate the complexity of this magnificent city. Marvel yourself with one of the most beautiful and busiest city around the globe.

Learn About New York History

If sightseeing, solving hidden objects games and puzzles was not enough, in this search and find game download you´ll learn a lot of interesting facts about New York City and its history. Now you can take advantage of this knowledge and boast about it with your friends and family.

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Big City Adventure ScreenShots:
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Big City Adventure Collection

Strategies to Play this Free Big City Adventure Hidden Object Game

  • Turn the Relaxed mode on in order to have a more slow paced game. In this way you don’t have to worry about running out of time.

  • If you want to get a quick find bonus, as obvious as it may sound, you have to try and find objects quickly.

  • Try not to miss any of the hidden bonus coins. If you need to find objects that are really well hidden, these can become really handy. Only use these in a pinch.
    Do not use hint and fast forward coins unless you find yourself in a situation that really requires of them. Try and save them for the higher rounds where objects are more difficult to find.

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