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Chessmaster Challenge Game Requirements
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Chessmaster Challenge Game Features:

  • High Quality Chess game software with 3 Different ways to play Chess:
  • Training, Tournament, and Puzzle Mode
  • Chess game for all skill levels: whether you’re an expert chess player or a beginner
  • Learn How to Play Chess or improve your skills with Training and Chess tips
  • Test your Chess Skills in Puzzle Mode where different scenarios are given to make a Checkmate.
  • Play chess against the computer with 25 opponents of different skill level.
  • Play chess against a monkey or the grand master!
  • Fully customizable chessboard and pieces
  • No Registration, 100% Free chess game download for PC

Play Chessmaster Challenge Game Full Version for Free

Whether you are a well seasoned chess player or a complete rookie trying to learn how to play chess Chess Master Challenge is the perfect game for you. This free full version of Chessmaster Challenge is a fabulous chess game download that covers all kinds of chess players.

Expert chess players will appreciate being challenged by the hardest AI opponents. Novices in the chess game can find all the learning and training resources to help them improve their chess skills. This free chess game offers different game modes covering training mode, puzzle mode, and tournament mode. It also comes with excellent chess learning aids.

What´s really impressive about Chessmaster Challenge is that it offers full customization capabilities. Not only can you modify the boards to your likes but also customize the chess pieces themselves. On the other hand, the 3 different modes of this amazing free chess game cover all possible aspects. Ranked Mode is for those experienced chess players that want to challenge their skills. Training Mode is specially designed to help you learn from your mistakes. And Fun Mode allows you to play chess puzzles for fun and improve your game by creating chess scenarios (such as making the checkmate in three steps).

Download the latest Chessmaster Challenge full version online now and be the next Grandmaster at the Chess Tournament.

Game Features from this Free Chess Game Download:

Play Chess through the Different Game Modes

In Ranked mode you'll play chess with serious AI opponents in tournament surroundings. You can choose to play against 25 different opponents in all ranking positions (including a moneky!). Training modes help you develop the grandmaster in you as it shows your mistakes and bad moves you made during each chess game. Fun mode is, as its name indicates: for fun! Play chess puzzles just for fun!

Learn Chess with Lessons and Tips

This great free chess game comes packed with a lot of learning material such as lessons, tutorials, tips and strategies. Chess rules and strategies are really well explained. You'll be playing chess like a grandmaster in no time. If you are already a well seasoned chess player you'll also find new and really useful information that will take your chess knowledge to the next level. Training and puzzle modes will help you learn the different chess scenarios. And while playing, you can enable guidelines to view the possible locations each chess piece can move!

Play Fun Mode for a Relaxed Chess experience

In the Fun mode you can play chess inspired puzzles just for fun. However these puzzles can be challenging too. Because in certain cases you´ll have to demonstrate that you have the necessary chess knowledge to figure out the solution to some problems. There is a wide variety of puzzles that will randomly appear so that you always find a different puzzle to solve. Some puzzles include different scenarios or “checkmate-ing” you opponent within a certain number of turns.

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Chessmaster Challenge ScreenShots:
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Chessmaster Challenge Game Play

Strategies for Chessmaster Challenge Game:

  • Improve your skills by taking advantage of the exclusive statistic and tracking capabilities of this free chess game. See how you always play the chess game. Also keep an eye on your opponents strategies and moves, they can come handy in future chess games.

  • Do not underestimate the power of the tutorials and learning tools, even If you are an experienced chess player you can always learn some new strategies from the master.

  • The Fun mode comes with great puzzles that will show you how to checkmate opponents in fewer moves. Learn how to win more chess games and faster. We highly suggest this mode no matter your skill level.

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