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    EZ Game Cheats is the best way to access the most up-to-date online game cheat codes database. This free game cheats utility also helps you to keep all your cheat codes and walkthroughs in a safe and easily accessible place. You can access the latest game cheats databases from the application's interface. Once you've found the cheat codes or walkthroughs you were searching for, you can store them in the convenience of your PC. This way you can access them offline whenever you want.

    With EZ Game Cheats you can manage all your gaming aids information. Besides storing all your game cheat codes, tips, tricks and walkthroughs you can also manage additional information. This free game cheats and codes utility also allows you to include cheat images and even notes. This is a really important feature because you may come across some screen captures that can help you get through your favorite game and you'll surely want to save it. With EZ Game Cheats you can add it to your game cheat records quickly and easily.

      EZ Game Cheats offers great internal database search capabilities. You can search your stored cheat records in different ways. You can browse your cheat entries directly or you can search using different criteria such as game genre, platform, title, console or even rating. If searching your pre-stored game cheats isn't enough to find what you are looking for, EZ Game Cheats offers web search. You can search the most updated game cheat databases by choosing the in-program web search. Get the latest game cheats, codes and walkthroughs from the most renowned game cheat sites online.
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    Do not limit your game cheats management to only the games you have installed in your PC. EZ Game Cheats gives you the option to search and store cheats and codes for different game consoles like Xbox®, Wii® and Playstation 3®. Also store game cheats for all systems like Windows, Mac and Linux in all its variants, and even for you mobile application games. You can also print your game cheats to have them handy if your game console is not near your computer.

    Unbelievable but true, EZ Game Cheats is free to download and install. You do not even have to register the application anywhere. Give this fabulous piece of freeware a try, download it right away and start managing and searching game cheat codes like a pro.

    Free EZ Game Cheats Download Features:

    Manage and Keep All Your Game Cheats Organized For Free

    EZ Game Cheats helps you to keep all your game cheats, codes, tips, hints, walkthroughs and tricks safe and organized. Never browse your folders again, just a couple of clicks and you'll have your game cheats at your fingertips. Categorize your game cheat entries by title, genre, console, system, rating and more. This free game cheat codes utility also offers great management capabilities, you can add, edit, delete and even print your game cheat records simply and easily.

    EZ Game Cheats Offers Great Web Search capabilities

    EZ Game Cheats offers great web search capabilities for additional updated cheats and the latest new codes. Search the most up-to-date online game cheat codes databases and libraries. In this way you'll never get stuck in the middle of your favorite game again.

    Search and Save Additional Game Cheat Information

    With this free game cheats utility you can also include additional information such as images, screen captures, charts and even notes. EZ Game Cheats offers you the possibility to save other information you can find along with the regular entry. In this way you have all you need in a single place. Easy to search, easy to find.

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    EZ Game Cheats Specs:
    » Download Size: 1.78MB
    » Tested Virus FREE
    » Software requirements: Internet   Flash Player 10
    » Operating System (OS): Windows 7, 8    Vista, XP and older OS's

    EZ Game Cheats Game - Cheat Codes Utility Tips and Tricks:

    • Notes, images and screenshots are powerful resources you can use to enrich your game cheats records. EZ Game Cheats offer you the opportunity to include them in your game cheat entries.

    • Always complete as many category fields as you can, that will help you to organize your game cheats in a better way.

    • If you include keywords in your game cheat records they will be easier to find in the future specially if you have a lot of them.

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