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Farm Frenzy Time Management Game Features:

  • Challenge your time management skills in this free full version game for the entire family
  • Simple and easy to learn gameplay, in-game tutorial helps you to get started
  • Point-and-click controls, feed your farm animals and collect the goods with just a click
  • 45+ levels to play with lots of bonuses and farm upgrades to achieve
  • Great characters to care with cartoonish animations: goose, sheep, bears, cow, cats and dogs
  • Earn enough money and upgrade your farm facilities to produce new farm goods
  • 100% FREE Kids Game, Download and Own, Play Offline

Download Farm Frenzy Time Management Game for Free

Here´s a free time management game that comes to demonstrate that country life can be pretty hectic too. In Farm Frenzy free kids game download you'll have to run a farm and its animal inhabitants. You'll also have to defend them from outside threats like bears. Collect the farm goods and sell them in the local market to obtain lucrative income. Upgrade your farm warehouse in order to produce more elaborate goods.

Before you start playing this free time management game for PC, you'll find a nice step-by-step tutorial. This tutorial will teach you how to perform the basic actions. As you advance through the levels and things get more complex, you'll see in-game tips to learn new how to carry out new actions. Basically, Farm Frenzy is all about pointing and clicking with your mouse, making this free time management game fun for adults and kids alike.

In every stage of Farm Frenzy you have certain goals to achieve. You start the game with a couple of geese: you can collect their eggs and sell them to the local market. By selling the goods your farm animals produce, you raise gold to buy more animals or upgrade your farm facilities. From time to time bears appear and threat with kicking your animals away. You have to click on the bears repeatedly to cage. Once caged you can sell them as if they were farm products.

At the initial levels things run smooth because you only have few animals to care about. In these levels is all about feeding the animals and collecting their products. Animals need constant feeding, if not they die, so you have to make sure they have enough grass. But grass doesn't grow without water so you also have to keep your well always full. At the higher levels thing can get a bit more complicated. You´ll have to process the good to increase their value and collect more gold in less time.

Challenge your time management skills with this free game download. Get you free full version of Farm Frenzy now and play "Old MacDonald" with a twist of time management. Farm Frenzy if 100% FREE and no registration is needed. Download, own the game and play whenever you like!

Farm Frenzy Free Kids Game Features:

Great Graphics and Sound for this Free Time Management Game

Farm animals are really well designed with really fun cartoon-like animations. Great background music and sound effects make of this free game for kids a real treat to the ears. Your kids will love this free time management game. All this makes of Farm Frenzy a really fun game to play and watch for adults and kids alike.

Challenging Farm Time Management Gameplay for the Whole Family

This family-friendly game offers really simple game controls allowing kids to play. But not just kids, grownups will love it too as time management can be quite challenging in the upper levels.
Farm Frenzy will challenge your time management skills specially in the higher levels. Kids will also love the easiness of controls as Farm Frenzy is just a point-and-click game.

Lots of Levels of Frantic Farm Action

This free kids game offers a lot of levels to play and replay as many times as you like. Each level comes with new goals to fulfill. To achieve those goals you often have to buy upgrades for your farm facilities and new farm animals that will produce goods. You will also have to process those goods in order to increase their value. Higher levels come with higher goals but they are never unreachable.

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Farm Frenzy ScreenShots:
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Farm Frenzy Game Play

Strategies to Play Free Farm Frenzy Kids Game:

  • Make bear watching your first defensive priority in this free time management game, because not only they will destroy your production but also once caged, they can be sold with lucrative results. Bears give you 140 gold credits that's like 14 egg cages.

  • Also keep an eye on grass production because animals can die if left unfed for a not so long time. You'll realize they are hungry because they'll start making noises. Water production is paramount in this issue so keep your water well always full.

  • Prioritize the upgrades over buying new farm animals in this free kids game. In most cases upgrades are the key points to complete a level. Have in mind that upgrading your facilities makes you produce value-added goods in less time.

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