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Price is Right Full Version Video Game Features:

  • Play the Price is Right Game instantly without having to be chosen from the audience!
  • Experience The Price is Right Game Show from the convenience of your computer
  • Same Rules as the TV show Game: If you know how the TV show works, you can play the game
  • Supports Multiplayer Gameplay
  • Fun animation, music & sound effects like the TV Game Show
  • Addictive game play with high replay value
  • 100% Free for PC, no registration, full version

Play The Price is Right Free Game Full Version Download

Ever thought you could guess the price better than the contestants on the TV game show? Here’s your chance to prove it! With this full version video game download of The Price Is Right, you can experience the thrill of the classic TV show complete with original music, sound effects, and host Bob Barker’s voice for FREE!

The free video game version of The Price is Right for PC is based off of one of America’s longest running and popular game shows.

If you love the TV game show of The Price is Right, you will love this free full version video game download. This game includes video clips taken from the actual show! Guess from the real model’s items she displays in the video clips.

Play all of the games shown on the Price is Right TV game show such as Hole in One and Showcase Showdown. Skip to any of the pricing games in challenge mode to hone your price guessing skills. And challenge up to four friends for multiplayer action. This game is the best free PC version of the popular Game Show we’ve seen!

Game Features from this Price Guessing Game:

Play all of The Original Price is Right Games

Play 16 of The Price is Right Games such as Plinko, Hole-in-One, Cliff Hangers, Punch-A-Bunch, Shell Game, It’s in the Bag, Flip Flop, Three Strikes, and more! Each price guessing game has you compete to generate money to make it to further rounds. Make it out of the contestant’s row and you can “Take a Spin on the Big Wheel” just like in the game show!

Authentic Experience to the Price is Right Game Show

Experience the sights and sounds from the original game show with actual TV footage included in the game! Guess the prices of items the model is holding, hear Host Bob Barker’s voice, listen to the Price is Right theme song, enjoy the same sound effects and gameplay, and compete in the Price is Right games taken directly from the TV game show. Download the Price is Right online here for this authentic game show experience.

Play The Price is Right For Free with Your Friends

This Free Price is Right game for PC includes both a single player option as well as a multiplayer option. Play with up to four of your friends as you guess prices of objects as The Price is Right contestants. If you and your friends don’t want to play the full version of the game, you can skip to Challenge Mode to play the original pricing games within The Price is Right game.


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Price is Right Game Play

Strategies for Guessing Prices in The Price is Right Video Game:

  • When you are in The Contestant’s Row, avoid bidding lower than $500 as it is highly unlikely for any item shown in this phase of the competition to be priced lower. The “one dollar above my opponent” strategy rarely works in this game. (If your opponent bids $500, don’t bid $501.) In the Showcase Pricing Round, all items are valued above $20,000. Do not bid lower than this amount.

  • Practice the Price is Right pricing games in Challenge Mode before playing the real game (learning mistakes are costly when playing the real thing).

  • In Cliffhangers, notice that the smaller prizes always go from cheapest to most expensive in increpents of $100. You’ll have the greatest chances of winning the main prize if you guess at an incremental amount (i.e. $35 for the cheapest item, $45 for the middle item, and $55 for the highest item) to allow a further hiking path to spare.

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