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Skip-Bo Castaway Caper Card Game Features:

  • Over 10 Skip-Bo scenarios from a far away island where you'll put your card game skills to the test
  • Similar gameplay to Uno, Crazy 8s and Spite & Malice, extremely easy to learn
  • Well designed backdrops and animations, great accompanying music and special effects
  • Adventure, Classic, Speed and Team game mode give this free card game a high re-play value
  • Family friendly card game, suitable for all ages
  • Engaging story that takes place in a heavenly island with a threatening volcano
  • Download and own this free card game, play offline without even registering

Download Skipbo Casual Card Game for Free

Skip-Bo Castaway Caper is a free card game with an enthralling story and extremely addictive gameplay. With Uno, Crazy 8s and Spite and Malice as inspiration sources, Skip-Bo is of one of America’s favorite card games. Skip-Bo Castaway Caper is an excellent video game version of the traditional card game with the addition of an engaging story. Well designed environments and great cartoonish animations make the perfect frame for this fun free cards game. A great tribal soundtrack completes the atmosphere for playing this competitive form of solitaire.

The story begins with you being washed upon the shore of an apparently deserted island. But after a short while an island inhabitant appears and tells you the bad news. Your presence made the Great volcano furious and now an offering is necessary. The islander invites you to play Skip-Bo with some members of the tribe so that the volcano calms down. Before you play this free cards game, you have to create a profile. Here you have a lot of options to customize your character, skin tone, hair style, clothes, background color among others. You can also select a name.

Before you start playing this free casual game you have to go through a short tutorial which is really well explained with in-game notes and tips. These helpful notes provide hints on how to play the game for beginners. You can disable them through the options menu; however, we suggest keeping them on for the first few games.

After completing the tutorial round you gain access to the main menu where you can select the game mode among Adventure, Classic, Speed and Team. All these four game modes imply that you will play this free casual game against a computer generated opponents. Even the Team mode is played with a AI partner and two AI opponents.

Selecting the adventure mode of this Uno-like free card game, will immerse yourself into the challenges of the islanders. For each round you play you´ll see how the volcano activity is reduced. Also as the volcano retreats, you can amass a great virtual fortune in points. Between Skip-Bo rounds you can play great mini-games that give you the opportunity to change the cards deck appearance.
All in all, Skip-Bo Castaway Caper is a fantastic casual cards game to play with all the family. The simple gameplay, its colorful graphics, the animations and the great background tribal music make of this free card video game download a great interactive version of the original cards game from Mattel. Download Skip-Bo Castaway Caper now, it´s 100% free, you download and own the game to play it wherever you like.

Free Skip Bo Casual Cards Game Features:

Over 10 Skip-Bo Scenarios to Put your Card Game Skills to the Test

You'll play this free card game download in all the different scenarios from around the island. The initial levels may seem a little too easy and you might even say they are too relaxed to play for a very long time. However, as you advance a little bit more in the Adventure mode the game turns into more and more difficult to beat. Challenge your card gaming capabilities with this free casual game download.

Easy to Learn Card Game with Similar gameplay to Uno, Crazy 8s and Spite & Malice

Having these games as an inspiration, Skip-Bo Castaway Capers found its own way in to the hall of fame of America's favorite card video games. We can say that Skip-Bo is a competitive solitaire card game. And its competitive aspect makes it attractive and addictive. Traditional Skip-Bo players and computer solitaire hardcore gamers alike will love this free cards game.

Great Scenarios, Cartoonish Animations, Fascinating Tribal Accompanying Music and Special Effects

These are the technical ingredients that make of Skip-Bo Castaway Caper one the greatest casual cards games out there. Add a pinch of enthralling story and you have the perfect recipe for a lot of fun. What´s really great about this free cards game is that you can play it with the entire family. No matter what age they are, if they can count from one to twelve and they can handle a mouse, they can play Skip-Bo Castaway Caper!

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Skip-Bo ScreenShots:

Skip-Bo Game Play

Strategies to Play this Free Skip-bo Castaway Caper Card Game

  • Remember that Skip-Bo is not a timed card game so, take your time to carefully plan your next move. Do not rush into a decision that can leave you behind or even cost you that round.

  • Once you have laid a card either in the discard pile or in the building pile you cannot take it back.

  • Skip-Bo cards serve as universal replacement of any card, that means that you can even place it into an empty building pile as if it was an ace.

  • Aces and Skip-Bo cards are the only cards that can be placed into a free building pile. If you need to play an ace you must first clear the pile by playing all 12 cards.

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