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Space Invaders

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Space Invaders Game Requirements:
Windows 7/Vista/XP, 7.62MB Download Size, DirectX 7.0 Required
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Space Invaders Shooter Game Features:

  • Space Invaders Fans: Download and Own this Free Game to Play at Any Time!
  • Play Space Invaders in this most faithful port for the Windows-based PC with original graphics, music and sound effects
  • Fun and entertaining game play just as you experienced in the Classic Atari Arcade original game cabinet
  • New Simple keyboard control of your laser shooting cannon
  • Easy to pick up and learn in the initial levels but hard to master in the higher levels
  • Play single player mode or challenge your friends in the two-player mode
  • Classic Arcade Gameplay appropriate for all ages
  • Free full version videogame download for PC

Download Space Invaders Free Shooter Arcade Game

What we have here is a classic arcade videogame by Atari which became really popular after its release in June 1978. Space Invaders was responsible for a temporary Yen coin shortage in Japan. This free shooter game download is a great port for the Windows PC. You'll be able to play Space Invaders with just the same gameplay you remember from the classic arcade game cabinets. This shooter videogame for free is really simple to play all you have to do is to shoot the alien hordes that threaten to conquer the earth. You control a laser firing cannon that moves horizontally through the bottom of the screen and the rows of aliens advance downwards and horizontally.

Your mission in this great free arcade game is to shoot and destroy the aliens before they reach the bottom of the screen, thus, taking over the earth. When you shoot down aliens or “Space Invaders” you get points, each alien species has a different scoring: the aliens in the further rows are worth more points. From time to time you'll see a flying saucer hovering to top of the screen, if you manage to shoot it down you'll get bonus points that will vary randomly.

Look out! The alien invaders also attack back. If you are shot by an alien, you will lose one of your lives. Fortunately, you have barriers to maneuver behind to block alien fire. However, these barriers deteriorate over time when the alien space invaders attack. If you manage to shoot all of the alien invaders and clear the level, you will be rewarded either by an additional life or a replenished barrier.

In our opinion what´s most outstanding about Space Invaders is how faithfully it has been ported to the Windows platform. You'll really feel the sensation of being playing the true classic arcade video game. But above all what´s really unbelievable is that Space Invaders is 100% for free!

Space Invaders Free VideoGame Features:

Truly Original Arcade Video Game Experience in this Free Game Download

The graphics and sounds of this amazing free shooter video game are really faithful to Atari's classic arcade game. Even the finest details of this great free videogame have been reproduced for you to have one of the best arcade gaming experiences. But not only graphics, also the background music and sound effects in this incredible classic arcade game have been carefully developed to be faithful to the original.

Original Game Space Invaders Game Play

Even more important than graphics and sounds, this free game for PC also offers the original arcade game physics that will really make you feel all the classic games nostalgia. Starting from the way you control the laser cannon, passing by the way the alien rows move down and horizontally and how frequently the flying saucer appear on the top of the screen. All this factors combined give you the true “Space Invaders” experience.

Simple Controls help You Learn Fast this Great Free VideoGame

Only a few keys from your keyboard are necessary to control the laser cannon that will help you avoid the alien invasion that is imminently arriving to the planet earth. The controls, although new, feel natural and are unobtrusive to the original gameplay experience. But do not be mislead by this apparent simplicity, because to master this free arcade videogame you'll need to demonstrate your aiming and dodging capacities. Space Invaders is a game for PC that´s suitable for the entire family. The initial levels can be a lot of fun for the kids and the higher levels can be challenging enough for the grownups.

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Space Invaders ScreenShots:
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Space Invaders Game Play

Strategies to Play this Free Space Invaders Classic Video Game:

  • Shooting the central columns of aliens makes a good “window” you can use to shoot the bonus-carrying flying saucers as they pass by the top of the screen. This also reduces the amount of horizontal movement that the alien space invaders move (which is easier to shoot); however, it also means that the aliens will advance faster!

  • There is a way to make the most points from shooting down the flying saucers. It consist of shooting 22 times before hitting it in the first round and shooting 14 in each subsequent row. This way you get 300 points each time you take it down.

  • Try to avoid shooting the fixed defenses as much as possible because your fire can damage them in the same way that enemy's fire does.

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