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Virtual Families Sim Game Features:

  • Play Virtual Families in real-time with real life situations such as getting a job, wedding, and building a family.
  • Free alternative to The Sims game: Raise and control a family
  • Adopt your virtual family by choosing from thousands of different combinations
  • Train your adoptees in any way you want, mold their character by the praise and scold method
  • Real-life health behavior gives you the chance to interact in a realistic simulation game
  • Plenty of trophies you can earn in every game area you play
  • Discover lots of puzzles by thoroughly searching and exploring the house
  • 100% Free download, no registration, play offline

Download Virtual Families Simulation Game for Free

Always wanted to play God? Well, who hasn’t? Virtual Families is your best chance to rule the lives of little people that live inside your computer. Build your own virtual family from scratch in this free simulation game. Virtual Families runs on the same engine from Virtual Villagers but in this case developers concentrated on details in spite of complexity. This sim game for free starts with you adopting a virtual person. There are a lot of options to choose from including body build, occupation, monthly pay and even whether they want children or not. You have to be really careful in this initial choice because it will mark the whole further development of this simulation game.

Some really interesting facts about this great free “play-god-like game” is that for example the gameplay is synchronized with the moment of the day you are playing at: if you play by night it will be nighttime in the game and so on and so forth. This is really interesting because it gives variety to the gameplay. Another interesting thing about Virtual Families is that the game goes on even when your computer is off, so chances are that if you do not take the necessary precautions like providing enough food you may encounter a house full of skeletons when you come back after a month. There is a way to prevent this from happening in this fantastic family simulation game, which is to pause the game before exiting.

You can also receive marriage proposals from different persons and you can accept or decline them. What´s really interesting in this life simulation game download is that if you are able to stay single. However, if you are still interested in having children, the time will come when you are offered to adopt a child.

There is so much more to tell about this fascinating sim game for free but we leave it to you to discover it for yourselves. You can play Virtual Family for days, weeks, months or for life but you'll always, certainly play it for fun! Give Virtual Families a try and download this life simulation game for free now.

Virtual Families Free Simulation Game Features:

Play this Life Simulation Game in Real-time and with Real Life Events

Raise your adopted person to make his/her way through life by teaching them how, where and when to perform different actions—and raise a family. In this awesome simulation game you'll show them different places: the work place, the kitchen, the computer room and so on. You will have to teach your adopted person all everyday tasks like keeping their home clean and tidy etc. You´ll also help your little person to choose his/her companions for life.

Customize the Look and Personality of Every Person in the Family from a Wide Variety of Options

Everything about the person you adopt is customizable! This is the first step when you start playing Virtual Families. Maybe it is the most important because it will affect the entire development of the gameplay. You have to choose from a wide array of people with different appearances, occupation, income and likes and dislikes. These characteristics also include whether they would like to have children or not.

Use the Scold and Praise Method to Shape the Character of your Virtual Family

You can teach your little persons good manners and to behave well. When put to the test, they may not always do the right thing and that is when you have to apply the Praise and Scold method. To do so in this freefamily simulation game you have two paddles for praising or scolding them for good or bad behavior respectively. As in real life, your person will tend to learn the first and avoid the second thus shaping the character the way you want.

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Virtual Families ScreenShots:
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Virtual Families Game Play

Strategies to Play Free Virtual Families Sim Game:

  • The initial selection is crucial and will affect the further development of the game, so choose wisely at the beginning but also during the game.

  • Virtual Families is all about keeping your little persons happy. When receiving a marriage proposal always prioritize best matches over tempting huge bank accounts or well-paid proposers. Remember that money can make things easier but will never buy happiness.

  • Use the praising and punishing method wisely and do not make mistakes, stressing on a bad behavior can be very difficult to revert in the future and lead to great discontent.

  • Take into account that Virtual Families plays out in sync with your system clock so, if you are planning to play all night long, consider that your virtual people need to sleep at night. To do so switch day and night through the “Options” menu at the main menu.

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