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Infra Recorder

  • Open-source CD/DVD burning
  • Simple and Straightforward
  • Minimal Yet Powerful

Free DVD Burning Software
InfraRecorder is an application for recording all kinds of CDs and DVDs. This is an incredible tool that provides common utilities for media burning in an easy-to-use environment. It has an interface that clearly arranges functions, however, it includes a wizard to further facilitate the process of burning. InfraRecorder offers the creation of CD/DVDs in various formats: data (including mixed audio), audio and video DVD. Likewise, it also has several additional features such as burning disc images, create, backup, erase rewritable discs, closing, or manage your tracks.

  Infra Recorder Review
Let's say we've recorded our childs dance recital or basketall game, but unless we have the computer next to a TV our home-cinema experience will be limited to our monitor, or lets even say that we have a lot of media files product of our BitTorrent dependence that fill our HDD, in both cases we are in some kind of trouble. Unfortunately, this happens all the time (I can tell) and we end up struggling to watch movies in our monitor or deleting a batch of files in order to make room for some new ones and finding some consolation in the thought that all that stuff will be always online.


Today I'm going to tell you about InfraRecorder which is a must-have CD/DVD burning program which will be of very much help when it comes to creating and recording data, audio and mixed projects to optical disks and disk images. What's best, this powerful application is totally for free.

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