Free Flash Player 2013
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  • Play any Flash Video in the built-in SWF Player
  • Capture Images from Flash and save them
  • Save images and create Desktop background
  • Create cool Flash Screen-savers
  • Convert SWF Flash Movies to EXE
  • Manage your Flash Movie library easy and simple
  • Flash Player Pro is 100% FREE - Download and enjoy!

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Free Flash Player Pro 2013 Download

Most media players don’t support Flash videos and sometimes when you download a video from the Internet and you want to play it back you end up frustrated by this fact. Fortunately there are a bunch of specialized media players out there that can hmandle your flash needs. But of those many free flash players only can offer as many features as Flash Player Pro. This free flash player download is not only capable of playing flash videos but also allows you to manage your flash videos library with conversion capacities as well.

Flash Player Pro 2013 is a free flash player download that will also help you download flash videos from the Internet. This free flash player saves those flash videos directly to your hard drive. More over Free Flash Player Pro also helps you to organize your flash video in different folders if necessary. What’s really cool about this free flash player is that its interface has been designed to be easy to use and understand. With its two panes you have all you need at your fingertips. On the left you can see a directory tree where you can browse your directories and folders. On the right you’ll find the player itself.

When it comes to downloading flash videos from the Web, all you have to do is to enter the site address and click the “Go!” button. Flash videos that you download can be allocated in any folder you want and you can even create new ones. You can later browse your directories using the left panel.

So, if you want a fully working Free Flash Player with some interesting extras, Flash Player Pro is the way to go!

Flash Player Pro 2013 Free Download Features

Simple and Easy Flash Video Playback

With this free flash player you can play any flash video. It doesn’t matter if you downloaded from the Internet or a friend of yours passed it in a thumb drive. Flash Palyer Pro can play them all. What´s really interesting of this free flash player is that besides displaying your flash video in the built-in player you can also view your flash videos in full-screen move.

Make your Own Fabulous Images, Wallpapers and Screen-savers

Flash Player Pro has some amazing capabilities that will help you take great images from the flash video you are playing. You can also use this free plash player download to create cool screen-savers and wallpapers. Once you created your wallpaper you can switch it wit your old one just within the player.

SWF to EXE Conversion

This free flash player can also convert your SWF format flash videos into EXE format videos. EXE flash videos are easily executable on almost all devices. This is particularly useful when you want to share your videos with others that do not have a flash video player handy.

Free Flash Player Download Tips & Tricks

Making a great image is easy with Flash Player Pro, you only have to select the frame you want to capture and click the “Capture Image” button (it has a small camera on it)
Flash Player Pro is great for organizing all you Flash videos. It allows you to create as many folder you want. Use it to create movies categories for example (funny, drama, thriller, family etc.)

If you turn the video player into the full-screen mode and plug your TV to the HDMi output of the computer you can even use Flash Player Pro as a Home-Theater system.

Free Flash Player 2013
  Free Download
media Player Classic Download
Clicking this button launches Custom Installer™, which will manage your download: learn more. Learn More. The software is also available for free at the manufacturer's website.

Flash Player Pro 2013 Specs:
» Version: 5.5
» Download Size: 863KB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's


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