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AOL Messenger Review
Software Review

  • Chat with all your family and friends
  • Simple and convenient interface
  • Compatible with AOL, Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN
  • Expand Chat Features with Plugins
  • AOL Messenger is totally FREE

Free AIM Chat Software Download Online:

Are you tired of having to run different proprietary chat clients when logging in to different chat services? Pidgin is the solution to your problems. This Free AOL Messenger by Pidgin allows you to connect to AIM chat service along with MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, IRC and almost any other IM protocol you may think of. The interesting thing about this free AOL Messenger is that all this happens under a single interface.

This free chat software offers a tabbed interface where you can easily handle all you chat conversations. Pidgin is really simple to use and offers all common features you may find in regular chat software. This free AOL Messenger comes with advanced file transfers, special buddy alerts (logging in, logging out, etc), secure conversation with RSA encryption and much more.

With this free chat software download you can also create conversation logs. They can be created manually or you can have this free AOL Messenger to archive chat records in an automated way. In this way you can keep perfect record of all your chat sessions. This free Instant Message software can also show typing notifications. But what it´s really impressive is that by using one of its plugins you can even see those typing notifications even if you haven’t opened a chat session with that person.

As you can see this free AOL Messenger comes packed with all the features you need in your chat communications and a plus of unique features. Download Free AOL Messenger now and enjoy chatting like you never did before!


Free AOL Messenger Download Features:

Simultaneously Chat with Family and Friends

Free Instant Message software offers you the possibility to connect with all your buddies no matters which chat service they are using. Free AOL Messenger allows you to login to several accounts even if they are from different chat services like MSN, Yahoo, AIM, IRC and so on and so forth. You can do all this from the convenience of a single interface that allows you to connect in a simple and fast way.

Ease of Use and Light System Footprint

This free AOL Messenger download is extremely user-friendly. No intricate menus to browse, no complicated task to perform, just fast and simple chat service handling. Regarding the system footprint, as you are connecting to all chat services through a single client, the resources consumption is drastically reduced.

Chat Securely and Free of Virus and Malware

Now you can chat without fear of getting your computer infected by viruses and malware. Other proprietary chat clients have multiple vulnerabilities which have been fixed in this free Instant Message software. You can also double secure your chat conversations with RSA encryption.


AOL Messenger Review Specs:
» Latest Version
» Download Size: 2.85MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Software Requirements: None
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

Security Verified


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