Pidgin Messenger Review


Pidgin Messenger Review
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  • Easy and fast access to your Pidgin Messenger
  • Chat simultaneously with different accounts
  • Compatible with MSN, AOL, Google Talk, more
  • Make File transfers

Download Free Pidgin Messenger Chat Software Online:

This Pidgin Messenger by Pidgin is a free instant message and chat software that supports a wide array of chat networks. What’s really amazing of Pidgin is that it gives you the ability to connect to several IM accounts at the same time. This free Pidgin Messenger Software comes with most popular features you can find in regular IM clients that include typing notifications, smileys and file transfers. Apart from that, this Pidgin Talk client comes with some unique features and the possibility to expand its functionality with a comprehensive plug-ins collection.

To run this free Pidgin Messenger you have to install it which is really simple and straightforward. Once this is done, all you have to do is to set up your accounts filling in the necessary fields for each chat service you want to use. This free chat software also allows you to add as many accounts for each IM protocol you want and be logged on them simultaneously. What´s really interesting about this free Instant Message software is that once your accounts are up you don’t need to import all your contact lists, it is done in an automated way.

Besides normal IM client functionality, Pidgin has also the capability to expand its functionality via plug-ins. For example, this free Pidgin Messenger software can be added a plug-in that handles your file transfers automatically. Another interesting plug-in helps you by sending automatic replies through all chat networks you are currently logged on.

All in all, this free Pidgin Messenger software download is great if what you need is to handle all your IM needs under a single interface and simultaneously. Pidgin is free to download and install, no registration, no hassle!

Features of Free Chat Software Download for Windows:

Easy & Quick Access to All Your Pidgin Messenger IM Accounts

Let´s say you have several Pidgin Talk accounts, one for your friends and family, one for your work and one for your hobby or sport, and you would like to logged on all of them at the same time and be able to receive and send IM simultaneously. Sounds pretty complicated and difficult, huh? Well it´s not: all you need is Pidgin with Pidgin Messenger installed in your Windows-based PC.

Simple and Easy to Use Interface for This Free Chat Software

This Free Pidgin Messenger is really easy to use, with a neat and extremely user-friendly interface. Pidgin provides excellent handling and fast access to all of its features. This free chat software is under constant development and we must say that this latest version looks even better than ever.

Fully Customizable and Compatible with Other Chat Software

This free IM client comes with a comprehensive list of customization options. Interface appearance, visual and sonorous alerts, and buddy grouping just to mention a few. On the other hand, Pidgin, is fully expandable thanks to a wide range of plug-ins and complements that make of this free Pidgin Messenger one of the most capable out there. In addition, Pidgin is compatible with multiple chat clients including AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger.

Pidgin Messenger Review Specs:
» latest Version
» Download Size: 1.49MB
» Tested Virus FREE
» Software Requirements: None
» Operating System (OS): Windows 7,    Vista, XP and older OS's

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